Executive Wellness Examination

Lots of Doctors Perform Annual Physical Exams.

Here’s What Makes LHHP’s Executive Wellness Exam Different:

All of your results are interpreted by your Integrative Functional Medicine doctor who then constructs a precise, personalized prevention treatment plan. Then, your doctor and the LHHP Care Team help you create the Total Wellness you are seeking.

  • As a member, you get access to LHHP’s many on-site tools to accelerate your success.. Your annual Executive Wellness Exam is a complete and comprehensive exam numerous other diagnostic and screening tests.
  • Using encouragement, advice/assistance, and more, we keep you on track.


Examination by your Integrative Functional Medicine doctor

  • Complete, age-appropriate physical examination

Preventive / Diagnostic Testing

Specialty Diagnostic Laboratory Testing*

  • Nutritional Deficiency Screening
  • Cutting-edge Cardiovascular Disease Risk assessment
  • Hormone/Neurotransmitter assessments
  • Food/Environmental Allergy assessments
  • Complete Thyroid Function assessment
  • Precise Functional Gastrointestinal assessments
  • Genetic Testing for metabolic/detoxification disorders, mitochondrial disorders, etc.
  • Inflammation/Immune System Function assessments
  • Neurotransmitter testing
  • . . . And more!

* Choice of laboratory testing will be determined by your physician in collaboration with you.  All billing will be handled by the specific laboratory and may or may not be billed directly to your insurance. Some laboratory fees are not included in the annual fee. Some laboratories require advance payment of fees. HALO Pap test may require specimen to be submitted to laboratory and any fees from the laboratory are your responsibility.

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