Dr. David Stewart, M.D.

Dr. Dave grew up in Virginia Beach, VA. He attended Virginia Tech where he graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Biology. He attended Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA where he was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha, the national honor medical society. He completed a family medicine residency program at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro, NC and went on to complete a Sports Medicine Fellowship at the same institution. During the fellowship he was a team physician for several high schools and colleges.

Drs. Anne and Dave Stewart

The most significant accomplishment of his medical school career was meeting and becoming engaged to Dr. Anne Stewart. They attended residency together in Greensboro where their love of working together grew stronger. During residency their children Abigail and Baker were born. Six years later Ben joined the family with much fanfare. Dr. Anne, Abby, Baker, and Ben are the lights of Dr. Dave’s life.

Dr. Dave’s journey to holistic medicine included professional experiences and personal ones as well. The early days of his career were spent practicing as a traditional family physician. In his busy days of 7-minute visits there were, regrettably, many prescriptions written for statins, antibiotics, and the like. However, he realized that very few of his patients were actually getting well. They seemed to continue to acquire medications and ailments that led to more medications.

All the while, Dr. Anne had begun her practice of integrative medicine and was having great success in actually healing patients and reducing their medication lists. So Dr. Dave began to seek holistic training and used his wife as his guide. When Dr. Dave’s own health began to suffer in 2005 because of chronic carbon monoxide poisoning, he employed many of the same protocols he recommend to his patients. He recovered fully and put his personal experience into his practice to help his patients even more.

In 2009 Dr. Dave suddenly became very ill. After an exhaustive medical evaluation, including many specialists and expensive (and painful) medical tests, he accepted the diagnosis of Lyme disease along with Babesiosis and Bartonellosis. He never tested positive for any of the infections, but was cared for by wise doctors who cared enough to treat him based on his symptoms, in spite of the negative tests. After failing oral antibiotic therapy, a PICC line was placed to deliver intravenous antibiotics. Dr. Dave also used acupuncture, prayer, herbal supplements, IV vitamin C, infrared sauna therapy and other treatments. Eventually, he began to regain his wellness. He has been symptom-free and treatment-free for almost 3 years.

His experience inspired him to learn more about treating chronic infections, including tick-borne illness and others. He came to understand the trials that people suffering from chronic Lyme disease face. Stuck in the conventional medical system that does not acknowledge their illness because it does not have the science or technology to properly diagnose and treat then, they often suffer for years before finding a provider who is willing and able to help. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, Dr. Dave specifically tailors the treatment to the individual. This strategy provides the best chance for quick recovery while avoiding side effects and other treatment reactions.

Today, Dr. Dave attends conferences about holistic medical care with a wide range of topics including, natural treatment of hormone disorders, natural treatment of thyroid disorders, natural treatment of diabetes, etc. His professional goals are to master the understanding of, and natural treatment of, the neuroimmunoendocrine system of the human body – as this system is at the root of most chronic dysfunction and disease.

Dr. Dave in Tough Mudder competition

Dr. Dave in Tough Mudder competition

Dr. Dave has lectured at several medical conferences and given webinars to national audiences about “Metabolic Syndrome,” a complex condition that can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and other medical problems.

Sports medicine is a field that Dr. Dave maintains a passion for. Running is both a professional area of expertise and a personal one. In addition to completing the Marine Corps Marathon and the Vermont City Marathon, Dr. Dave has also completed several half-marathons and two Tough Mudders. He continues to compete in shorter road races and has medaled in several. Through study and experience he developed an integrative medicine approach to treating athletes with injuries and well athletes seeking optimal performance in their sport. This combines state of the art testing with personalized sports nutrition counseling and expert use of nutritional supplements, herbs, and other therapies.

Dr. Dave works hard to establish a partnership with his patients. This relationship is built on mutual respect, compassion, and bilateral accountability. He stresses the importance of life balance and nutritional integrity as the pillars to achieving and maintaining wellness.

He believes that his skills as a physician are God-given and His voice, grace, and love continue to bless his practice and his family.

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In his spare time, he is an avid organic gardener and a lover of all things outdoors. He has a long-distance love affair with the ocean which he acquired from his grandparents, Gigi and Billy. And, while he is a fervent Virginia Tech Hokie fan, he is an even more insatiable fan of Anne, Abby, Baker and Benjamin. 

Dr. Dave and Family

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