FAQs About LHHP Personalized Medicine Membership

1.  Are you accepting new patients into your Personalized Medicine program?

Yes.  LHHP’s Personalized Medicine Practice is currently accepting new patients.  We encourage you to call our office and speak with our Membership Coordinator and schedule your free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Stewart to discuss if membership with LHHP Personalized Medicine is right for you.

2. Are you a primary care provider?

Yes. LHHP provides integrative, holistic medical care for all ages and we can be your primary care physician.  While we are experts at identifying the root causes of your illness(es) and providing cutting-edge treatment for them, we are licensed, experienced family doctors who also enjoy providing routine and preventive health.

3. Can you provide quality medical care via virtual (Zoom, telephone) interactions?

Yes. Like many medical providers, our practice has been practicing almost exclusively virtually since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  In fact, because LHHP is not bound by the restriction of health insurance companies, we’ve been offering telemedicine for many years.  We have patients all over the US and the world who receive care from us in an exclusively virtual context.  The quality of the care we provide in-person and via telehealth is exceptional and our members are very satisfied.  By making it easier to have appointments with us, virtual care may actually improve long-term health outcomes.  Of course, it is virtual care is not appropriate for some acute medical needs, such as injuries or serious illness.  In those cases, we will discuss options for in-person care or referral to the appropriate medical care.

4.  I want to become a member of the LHHP Personalized Medicine Practice. What do I do now?

That’s great!  Please contact our Membership Coordinator to learn more about LHHP and discuss whether we are a good fit for you.  If no memberships are currently available, you may discuss joining our waiting list.

5. How much does LHHP Personalized Medicine Membership cost?

Membership fees vary depending on the age of the patient (child or adult), the medical needs/health status of the patient, and the payment plan you select (monthly or annual).

6. What is the Membership Agreement? And how do I get one?

The Membership Agreement is the contract between LHHP and its members that governs the membership relationship. You can request a blank copy of the Membership Agreement via email (info@loudounholisic.com). Those patients being offered membership will receive a Membership Agreement personalized specifically for them.

7. Why would someone not be offered a membership from LHHP?

The primary reason one would not receive a membership offer is that there are simply not enough member slots for everyone.  Once we have enrolled our maximum patient load we will not offer any more memberships until such time as new openings become available. (See Item 6, below.)

Another reason someone may not receive an offer of membership reflects the care philosophy of the new concierge model. Our decision to transform LHHP into a Personalized Medicine practice was partly based on our desire to recreate a practice environment that is healthy for everyone involved in the relationship with the practice. That includes our patients, but also our receptionist staff, our nursing staff, and our physicians. Any obstacles to the establishment of a truly therapeutic patient-practice relationship will be a detriment to the entire system. This is why we may not be able to accommodate every current patient who wishes to join our Personalized Medicine practice.

As a Personalized Medicine practice, we look forward to actually having even more interaction with our Members, and in a more proactive manner. If it is determined that any existing patient has had a less than optimal relationship with any part of our practice (reception, nursing, or physician) then an offer of membership will not be extended to that patient. If previous interactions between a patient and LHHP have included rude/disrespectful behavior or any other significant communication problems, then it is for the good of all parties that such a relationship not be continued.

A person’s age, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and gender identity have no bearing on whether or not they receive an offer of membership.

8. What if the practice fills and I am not offered a Membership? Can I become a member later?

Yes. If we do not have openings available at the time you inquire, your name will be added to a waiting list. As membership slots become available, we will notify those on the waiting list and they will have the opportunity to join at that time. While we cannot guarantee when or if new openings will become available, it is likely that openings will occur when current members move out of the area or choose to discontinue their membership for personal reasons.

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