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Loudoun Holistic Health Partners (LHHP) is proud to offer Infrared Thermography Services in our office. This radiation-free, painless, affordable scan may be used to assess a person’s risk of many conditions and diseases (including breast cancer, heart disease, and more). Combine with our HALO Pap Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Test for an even more thorough evaluation.

Approved by the FDA in 1982 as an adjunct breast screening procedure, breast thermography offers women information that no other procedure can provide. The use of Digital Infrared Imaging (DII) is based on the principle that metabolic activity and vascular circulation in both pre-cancerous tissue and the area surrounding a developing breast cancer is almost always higher than in normal breast tissue. DII uses ultra-sensitive medical infrared cameras and sophisticated computers to detect, analyze, and produce high-resolution images of these temperature variations. Because of DII’s extreme sensitivity, these temperature variations may be among the earliest signs of breast cancer and/or a pre-cancerous state of the breast.

“Today, women are encouraged to get a mammogram, so they can find their breast cancer as early as possible. With thermography as your regular screening tool, it’s likely that you would have the opportunity to make adjustments to your diet, beliefs, and lifestyle to transform your cells before they became cancerous. Talk about true prevention.” — Christiane Northrup MD

Infrared Breast Thermography is ideal for women and men, those who have small breasts or implants, have dense breast tissue, women who are pregnant or nursing, those who have fibrocystic breasts and individuals who have undergone lumpectomies or mastectomies.

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