Membership Benefits

We are updating our membership plans and benefits for 2017-2018. Information should be posted here by the end of July. Check back for details.

As a member of the Loudoun Holistic Health Partners Concierge Practice, you will enjoy numerous benefits that are not available through traditional insurance-based medical practices.

Your annual membership fee includes access to the following services:

A True Medical Home and Personal Physician

Access Your Integrative Functional Medicine Doctor When You Need Him/Her

> Same day appointments
> House calls
> Call your doctor’s personal mobile phone
> Text or email your doctor
> Speak directly to your doctor when you call the office


Your True Healthcare Advocate

Let Us Lead Your Wellness Team

> Your doctor confers with your medical specialists
> Your doctor communicates with your hospital care team>
> Your doctor assists with prior authorizations and insurance appeals (no additional charges)
> Your doctor completes forms, writes necessary letter, etc. (no additional charges)

Interact with LHHP via the Cloud

Take LHHP Along Wherever You Go

> Secure patient portal to access personal medical records
> Online scheduling
> LHHP Mobile App (Coming Soon!)

Discounted Nutritional/Herbal Supplements

The Very Best and Highest-Quality Supplements at a Tremendous Value!

> The Synergy Company
> Innate Response
> Pure Encapsulations
> Byron White Formulas
> Kids Wellness
> Nutramedix
> Neuroscience
> And more!

Complimentary and Discounted In-Office Services

No-Cost Physician Visits (Varies Depending on Membership Level)

> Substantial discounts on additional office visits
> Earn free services via the LHHP Rewards Program


State-of-the-Art Wellness Therapies and Diagnostics

Be Empowered With the Cutting-Edge Treatment You Deserve

> Executive Wellness Examination
> Far Infrared Sauna therapy (Heavenly Heat™)
> Intravenous vitamin infusions
> Light hyperbaric oxygen therapy (Coming Soon!)
> Advanced electrodermal testing (Zyto™ Scan)
> Body composition analysis (InBody™)
> Discounted consultations with Nutrition Counselor from My Homegrown Health, LLC
> Complimentary Nudge Coach membership with LHHP mobile lifestyle coaching.

Complimentary membership in our Optimal Wellness Now™ Alliance (Coming Soon!)

Discounted products and services at some of our favorite area retailers and healthcare providers, including:

Local restaurants, health food stores, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, local farms, wineries, breweries, and more.


Plus Exclusive Access to Members-Only Section of Our Website

We Share Our Knowledge From The Latest Medical Research to Our Tried & True Recipes … and Everything In Between

Find Out if Membership in LHHP is Right For YouTo find out whether membership in Loudoun Holistic Health Partners is right for you, call (703) 779.2801 or email to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Dave.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

* Choice of laboratory testing will be determined by your physician in collaboration with you. All laboratory tests will be drawn at our office, but processed at outside laboratories. All billing will be handled by the specific laboratory and may or may not be billed directly to your insurance. Some laboratory fees are not included in the annual fee. Some laboratories require advance payment of fees which may need to be provided at the time of your blood draw. HALO Pap test may require specimen to be submitted to laboratory and any fees from the laboratory are your responsibility.

† Membership package includes set number of complimentary services. After complimentary services allotment is consumed further usage requires payment of standard LHHP fees.

‡ Membership package includes access to house call visits when available and deemed appropriate by your physician. House calls limited to 2 per membership term. Same day appointments limited to published LHHP office hours. Standard LHHP fees apply to house call visits and same day appointments.

‡ Membership fees for Loudoun Holistic Health Partners Concierge Medical Practice are about the same as a daily Starbucks coffee/scone, daily Chipotle burrito, or the daily cost of typical family cable/internet plan, yet you will enjoy extensive benefits beyond what you can receive at a traditional primary care practice.

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